The Micro

THE MICRO is our state-of-the-art cannabis dispensary, and it’s everything but tiny. We have ample parking, a comfortable lobby with easy check-in, twelve large-screen video monitors, six refrigerated display units, row upon row of fully stocked shelves and the only dispensary-dwelling jellyfish in Desert Hot Springs.

Our retail license allows us to dispense, and dispense we do, with more than 100 brands and 10,000 items available in-store and through our online delivery menu. We offer the widest selection of brands and products within a comfortable range of reasonable prices—and we still discount stuff every day!

We have cannabis for combusting, and all kinds of pipes, papers, cones and wraps. We have cannabis for inhaling, from the best names in vape pens and cartridges. We have cannabis for sipping and cooking and eating, whether you like to cook from scratch or you’re looking for the finest brands of THC-infused edibles.

We have cannabis every way to consume it, so drop by THE MICRO or check out our menu to see the cornucopia of cannabis that awaits you.

The Buddery

THE BUDDERY is our indoor grow room, nestled just beside the lobby in our efficiently utilized 7,500-square-foot facility. (It’s not one of those orchard-sized budderies, it’s a micro buddery.)

Our cultivation license allows us to grow for some of the most pro-cannabis brands in Southern California, and their luxuriant—and highly pungent—plants often perfume our air. You could think of THE BUDDERY as the farm at Paradise Farms. We do. We carefully cultivate and nurture each plant, controlling light and nutrient allowances to achieve robust growth and coax each plant to flower to the fullest. And when the weed gets as high as an elephant’s eye, as the old marijuana shanty goes, we gather each harvest of premium cannabis and transform it into premium enjoyment.

The Bud Hub

THE BUD HUB is one of the busiest cannabis distribution centers in California. Our distribution license gives us the ability to bring some of the biggest names in cannabis to a growing market. We ship cannabis and CBD products every year for brands, dispensaries, and retailers up and down the west coast.

But it’s not just the big players: we distribute for many smaller companies, too, supplying distribution capabilities for inspired cannabis products that deserve a wider market. We’re proud to help introduce potential satisfied customers to companies and products whose one aim is to satisfy.

Paradise Farms Cannabis Kitchens

PFC KITCHENS is the most creative transformer of cannabis in all Coachella-land. For our Paradise Farms brand, our expert “chefs” craft the absolutely awesomest cannabis temptations, from flower and kief to badder and bonbons. And with our manufacturing license, we’re innovating all the time, introducing new varieties and flavors and products throughout the year. Psst! We’ll let you in on an industry secret we’re not so secretly proud of: Paradise Farms Cannabis Kitchens has the distinction of being chosen by some of the best- known cannabis companies in America to make and package their own cannabis products. 

We’re The MicroBuddery, located on Pierson Boulevard in the heart of downtown
Desert Hot Springs. We’re proud of our small-town roots. We operate with a small-town
ethos: we’re all friends and neighbors. We’re here to help you personalize your
wellness regimen and enjoy all the benefits and the best experience that cannabis can

Put them all together under one roof and we’re Desert Hot Springs’ hometown cannabis conglomeration, The MicroBuddery.